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Australia Online Youth Basketball I. Q. Training For U8 to U16

Congratulations Basketball Family!

You have been selected by your club to take part in an exciting online training program designed to help improve your Basketball I.Q.

Hoops Connection in association with HoopCasters has created the best educational online basketball development program which will help you understand the game from all aspects.

Our coaches are former professional basketball players with a wealth of experience in both playing and teaching the game to players around the world.

We will help to define all areas of the game as you partake in the program, but more importantly, we will help you become a smarter player on the court!

We don't teach drills or how to dribble and shoot. We focus on the Science of The Game.

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Middle School Brackets For March Madness Mayhem | 4th - 7th Graders

Online Interactive Basketball I. Q. Tournaments

April 1st and Ongoing.
Accepting 24 Youth For Each Bracket

Tournament Includes:

1.Three Live 55-minute sessions. Live meetings are designed to discuss weak areas and allow kids to interact, discuss questions and get feedback from other students.

2. 50 custom learning videos via email

3. Pre and Post Assessments

There are plenty of coaches that can teach that. Instead, we focus on the “Science of The Game”. We teach kids the “Whys”. We help them understand what’s going to happen on the court before it happens.

All this is done in an interactive, engaging, fun way. We don’t teach drills or how to shoot and dribble. We focus on the science of the game!

Join us live and represent your team or organization.
Families consistently give us 5 stars!

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Middle School Brackets For March Madness Mayhem | 4th - 7th Grade | March 15th - April 5th
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Designed For 4th - 7th Graders and Parents

Multi-Day Interactive Basketball I. Q. Tournaments

We teach basketball online using interactive basketball learning videos on Zoom. This unique program focuses on the science of the game.

We don’t teach how to dribble or shoot. We increase Basketball knowledge and confidence. We are the only program that teaches like this.

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One-Day Basketball Interactive I. Q. Tournaments

We meet on Zoom for 1 hour and compete. Students are playing as individuals. Only one person per computer.

Parents with little or no experience are welcome to join this tournament. You'll learn more about the game by spending only a few minutes a week with us. However, in this tournament you must attend from your own computer. Scores are calculated individually.

In our Family Tournaments, you and your child can compete as a family using the same computer if you'd like.

Sample Video Question

Pre-Recorded Tournaments

These tournaments or for teams, online party games and individuals. Players enter their individual scores and compete to rank on the Leaderboard.

Individuals can play up to 3 games with one registration. We encourage students to keep playing until they get all of the questions right. Rank as high as possible on the Leaderboard!

Online Party Games: You can host your own live event. Simply register, invite your friends, access the link and meet on Zoom to play.

Let's Play! Choose Your Tournament.

About Our Founder

Coach Anthony Reed

After a very successful collegiate basketball career at Tulane University which resulted in a Louisiana Hall of Fame Induction, a Tulane Hall of Fame Induction, All-Time Leading Scorer Award and a Retired Jersey, I was drafted by the 1993 World Champion Chicago Bulls. Thereafter, I competed internationally in various countries such as, but not limited to Spain, Ex-Yugoslavia, Italy, South America, Greece, and Japan. In world travel and competition, I acquired extensive health, fitness, and basketball knowledge from internationally renowned experts and coaches.

After retiring in 2001, I committed to sharing my professional knowledge and experience of sports, health, and fitness with youth and their families. I am responsible for founding two agencies that aim to promote physical and athletic development, build character, encourage sport participation, and shape healthier minds and bodies in youth.

Here's Why I Can Help Your Family:

Louisiana Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee - 2015

Tulane Hall of Fame Inductee -1998 

NBA Draftee, Chicago Bulls- 1993

All-Time Leading Scorer -1993 

Second All-Time Steals Leader - 1993 

Metro Conference First Team Selection - 1991 and 1993 

Four Year Team Captain - 1989 - 93 

Tulane Jersey (#55) Retired -1993 

Metro Conference Freshman of the Year -1990 

Mr. Basketball For The State of Louisiana- 1989 

U.S. Junior National Team Member (Gold Medalist)- 1988

Come, let me share my knowledge with your basketball family.

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